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  • Follow how Revive was migrated from monolith to micro-services

  • Setting up Bhoomi , using revive project

  • Monorepo

Name Repo Integrated No Yes No No No No No No No
action-deploy-container-to-registry No
action-cuda-compiler-python No
action-cuda-compiler No
action-create-ebook No No No No No

Project Logs

  • November 27
  • June 7
    • samruddhi-react :
      • Migrating Samruddhi project from Single Markdown Page to ReactJS
      • ReactJS standalone project is deployed to gh-pages.
      • Created a PreProcessor in Java to convert BookData to Json.data_import directory Source
      • Json Data to be loaded into website using Fetch
    • shop :
      • Made config changes to refactor project from Revive to Shop
      • Removed spring_boot configs and source code directory.
  • June 6
    • revive:
      • Create composite github actions to handle Docker multi-stage build issue with Server(SpringBoot+Dropwizard)
      • Now gradle build is run inside the docker container. Server code is copied to docker container.
      • Build task now runs independently and can run in parallel if build task is successful.
  • June 5
    • revive:
      • Docker push failing as build directory not found in container. Build files are copied from host machine to container.
      • Local push to docker successful, Github actions does not have access to build files from pre-cursor task, Try to build project inside gradle container.
  • June 4
    • revive:
      • Add starter code for Dropwizard. Second option for Server. Dropwizard is suitable for micro-services