what is company going to make Swarm of Micro Aerial Vehicles to

  1. Spray Pesticides
  2. Harvest seeds
  3. 24/7 ambience maintenance

Company will lease the products/IP to reduce upfront costs for end-user. Pay as you Use

Why did u pick this topic

In India, small land holding farmers, use hand pump to spray pesticides, It is a health hazard to the operator, Wastage of harvest to due to non-scientific and non-uniform mechanism

week 1

  1. Set up website
  2. Draft design for 1st prototype
  3. Collect additional usecases

aa. 1. Cost effectiveness of drone usage

  1. Beta tester benefits

bb. focussing on most useful use case

  1. Should go with pesticide spray or greenhouse maintenance

cc. hardware prototyping cost


  1. testing basic flight controls on tello edu drone, the drone has option to operate in swarm mode, will help later to integrate with multiple drone.
  2. Check ISRO and google maps for utilising weather information for drone working conditions

aa. –

bb. using an off the shelp low cost drone for prototyping drone operations

cc. using the lightweight drone to carry additional loads

Initially we may have to survey land owners requirement in and around Kuruvinkoppa. The details can be collected at Tahshildar office or not need be checked with appa. Also pesticides are mixed in drinking water tanks which caused health problem knowingly or unknowingly.