Low Cost Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture : Swarm drone based insecticide spray using Off-the-Shelf components

We propose a Swarm based micro-aerial drone robots, to spray instectides for precision agriculture.

In this approach, A filled syringe is attached to the underbody of a micro-aerial drone. The plunger is activated to spray the liquid using an electo-mechanical actuator.

The target area is set based on the type of plant. Using CV the individual leaf/stalk is identified and predetermined quantity is sprayed.

We intend to solve the below issues.

Usage of insecticide for agriculture has a destructive effect of the soil.

The existing method of using body-mounted hand-pump based system is inefficient in terms of

  • Insecticide quantity used
  • Sqaure area of land covered

The ineffieciency is are dependent of the factors below

  • Human error
  • Wind direction
  • Distance between plants
  • Height of plants
  • Type of plants viz., large leaf, small leaf
  • Spray Nozzle

On a conservative method/approach, the insecticide is sprayed ineffectively over an area due to human error or field of view. The error is could a due to a combination of factors viz.,

  • Fatigue
  • region of interest as a small dense area, cumbersome to traverse
  • Reduced plant to plant coverage due to height of plants